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Blog An Update from us on COVID-19

An Update from us on COVID-19

It is really exciting to be heading into spring and to feel some easing of the restrictions we’ve been under for the past many weeks. I know all of us are breathing a collective sigh of relief as we realize that the curve has flattened, and we will slowly be getting back to our new normal. I think it very fitting that we will be slowly opening up like the buds and leaves coming out this spring. As we begin this “re-entry” we all need to keep in mind that the warm conditions of summer will most likely lower the transmission and severity of disease spread, but we have a few more weeks to continue to be cautious. We are all going to be tempted (me too!) to rush out to our favorite restaurants, congregate with friends and shop at our favorite stores. All of these fun activities can be accomplished, we just need to remember to keep our distance, wear a mask for a least the next few weeks if you can’t maintain that distance and keep our immune system robust. Let’s all try not to “fast forward” into our over-scheduled and under cared for selves. I believe we have all learned during this crisis that “downtime” is so important, family time can be healing and draining at the same time, and that patience is of utmost importance. Eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising everyday has helped to keep us all from getting sick. Now the challenge is to keep it up! We are here to support you through this “re-entry” period.

If you are not currently taking supplements to help boost your immune system, we are here to help with that. We have our own private label on many of the essential vitamins to help keep your energy high and keep you feeling well. We are also offering Vitamin C Infusion Therapy, Myers’ Cocktails and Immunity Kits. Make sure you continue to take Vitamin D supplements during the spring to help to support your immune response. This prohormone works through several mechanisms to do that. Those mechanisms include inducing defensins proteins that can lower viral replication rates and reducing concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines that injure the lining of the lungs leading to pneumonia. Vitamin D can also lower concentrations of anti-inflammatory cytokines which lowers the risk of ARDS and other complications or SARS-CoV2. Most of the research recommends a D level between 50-70. Additionally, we know that quercetin and vitamin C can help to bolster our innate response to viruses and shut viral replication down. Don’t stop your supplements and good habits now. This is the time to make sure you are well-armed as we enter back into society.

As we know, 90% of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 have co-morbidities that put them at increased risk. The top three are in order of frequency, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes! Please, please, make this the time that we change ourselves and our friends and family and get our health back. With a few exceptions, these conditions are preventable with changes in lifestyle, hormonal optimization, and supplements. As we move forward and our great state of Arizona lifts the stay-at-home order, we want you to know that our staff has completed essential OSHA guidance and training about COVID-19. We want to ensure you that we are practicing safely and have our employees and patients welfare at heart.  The biggest message from this pandemic I hope will be:

We can positively impact our health and protect ourselves from the disease. Now is the time and we are here to help. Have a great weekend!

Herman Pang, M.D.