P-Shot in Peoria, Arizona

At EnteBella Medical, our team of experts uses the P-Shot to help men who have ED. ED is a problem for millions of men and can be very frustrating and embarrassing. If not treated, this can begin to affect not only your sexual health, but your emotional health as well. Dr. Pang, our expert hormone doctor in Peoria, makes it his priority to provide his clients with the sexual health you need. With the revolutionary treatment of P-Shots, this allows us to improve sexual function and satisfaction not only for you, but for your sexual partners as well.


What is the P-Shot?

  • Increase circulation within the penis
  • Higher sensitivity and pleasure
  • Increase penis size
  • Higher sexual desire
  • Increased sexual confidence

How Fast Can I See Results?

In the instance of erectile function, the results of the P-Shot are almost immediate. Patients have stated that they have gone home and were able to resume sexual activity the same night For results in size, results may take up to a couple weeks to fully notice.

P Shot

How the P-Shot works

We begin by using our PRP injection process, which allows us to use your own blood and extract natural growth factors. This is then gently placed into the penis, in a procedure that is painless and only takes minutes. New blood vessels and nerve growth is created within a week which enhances sensitivity with no side effects.

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Please join us on Thursday, December 12th from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. for an informative and fun event. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater and receive 10% off any aesthetic treatment, including promotional events. It does not include injectable fillers.

We are also giving back to the community. If you bring in a new pair of socks or mittens for the homeless shelter drive, we will give you spa dollars towards the treatment of your choice when you purchase either a package or products the day of the event.

Come join the fun as there will be many more specials on hand. All who attend will leave with a Goodie Bag!

Brittney, our Aesthetician, will be offering complimentary mini services to the first 10 people that RSVP. Herman Pang, M.D., our medical director will be discussing the benefits of PRP, Bioidentical Hormones and Venous Insufficiencies.

There will be lite bites and refreshments. A tour of our office. Any and all questions answered. Every attendee will receive a raffle ticket and will be able to pull a tag from our Christmas tree for a small, free gift. We can't wait to see you!!

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