Medical Graded Tattoo, Scar, and Stretchmark Removal in Peoria, AZ

Treatments for Scars and Stretchmarks in Peoria


This treatment option has shown some visibly drastic results for large treatment areas. The microneedling procedure promotes regeneration of the skin through the use of a motorized piston driven dermapen with surgical steel needles at the tip. The pin will rapidly puncture the skin as it passes the treatment area. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure there is virtually no discomfort. The puncture wounds from the pin heal quickly and only require a day of downtown for the patient's recovery.


This method is highly effective for treating stretchmarks and scarring on the face, neck, chest and other areas of the body. The procedure involves delivering an Ipixel ER: Yag Ablative Laser to a patient's skin through a micro optic lens, forming pixel sized ablation dots on the skin. The top layers of a patient's skin are removed, leaving the surrounding skin cells intact for rapid healing. Collagen growth will be stimulated to smooth and tighten the skin and continue for around 6 months after the pixel treatment.

Pixel RF

A Pixel RF hand piece that releases micro-bust technology will be rolled over the skin to release refractive radiofrequency energy in a precise treatment area. This treatment option is appropriate for all skin types and can be utilized in almost any area of the body to treat scars and stretchmarks.

Chemical peels

The skin care specialists at EnteBella Medical will use an acidic solution to produce a mild burn to the surface layer of the skin. This treatment can penetrate the dermis and help remove overstretched skin but it cannot reach deep enough into the skin to completely remove possible scarring from stretch marks.

Laser Tattoo Reduction

One of our skin care specialists at EnteBella Medical will use a Q-Switch ND: Yag Laser to deliver high energy light pulses to a patient's skin. The pulses are absorbed by the tattoo, causing the pigment to break down into tiny particles and allowing the tattoo to be removed naturally.

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