Highly Nutritious IV Vitamin Therapy in Arizona

A Myers’ Cocktail is a safe, effective way of getting your vitamins and minerals through an IV. By using IV, you bypass the gut, which allows for the nutrients to be quickly and effectively absorbed into your bloodstream. The Myers’ Cocktail is a combination of many B Vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C. Our professionals at EnteBella Medical adjust the formula to fit each specific patient depending on their underlying health issues.

Myers Cocktail

History of Myer's Cocktail

In 1960 a man named Dr. John Myer was working at Johns Hopkins Hospital when he began to feel restraints of his own. He believed that diet and nutrition wasn’t getting enough attention which was causing high disease rates. Dr. Myer wanted to find a way that treated the cause of sickness rather than waiting to treat the illness. During his studies, he found out that minimal amounts of nutrients were being absorbed into the human body. This is when he came up with the “Myer’s Cocktail”.

What Can I Expect from Myers Cocktail?

A short assessment is applied to all our clients which ensures us to create a customized “cocktail” to fill your nutrient needs and give you the best IV vitamin therapy Arizona can provide. From there, the nutrient rich mixture is applied via IV over a period of time ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. Many of our patients recall feeling re-energized, enhanced mood, pain-free, and immediately having an overall healthy glow. Make sure to drink plenty of water beforehand or you will feel dizzy.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Since everyone has different immune systems, the number of treatments depends on what your body needs and is lacking. For instance, some patients feel better after one treatment while someone else may need 1 treatment a week for 4 weeks to feel the full effects. Our team at EnteBella is dedicated to providing the best vitamin injections Arizona patients deserve, and to achieve that end, we use a detailed consultation to fully understand what it will take to have you feeling 100% again.

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